Welcome to Gemini Oasis, Inc.

Hello my fellow animal lovers and pet owners! Welcome to Gemini Oasis.

I created this website to provide information to help my fellow Pet Owners and Homeschoolers to learn how to better understand animals and begin to develop the skills needed to properly train and take care of them. My goal is to teach people the basic foundation skills to becoming a strong and competent Leader and Guardian animals need.

I've worked with animals for over 30 yrs doing rescue, rehab, training, basic competition, & show performance. I KNOW how challenging working with animals can be AND how difficult it can be to find the right people who will understand your situation and actually HELP you.

I can't stand arrogant egotistical people. Trying to solve problems with our pets can be challenging and stressful enough. I look forward to helping you where I can. However, for those cases that require someone with more experience than me, I have created a list. On this list, I have different professionals for the different needs we pet owners . . . . well, NEED.

You can view these Professionals and learn more about them from my list, which is on my Resources page (Click the button on my menu OR below this thingy). Please know that I will update my list as I find these people.

Life with pets is better when we know how to work together

Stay Tuned!  We are in the process of developing our own Gemini Oasis Pack Members Club where fellow Animal Lovers, Guardians, & Homeschoolers can learn how to have FUN with animals using the skills we use to develop & maintain a healthy and happy relationship with animals!

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