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Dog Videos

Gemini Oasis Dog Obedience Training Basics: 3 Things You Need

Short Video (About 7 min)
Quick highlights of 3 basic things to begin training dogs & puppies.

Gemini Oasis Training Dogs OFF - The short SHORT video

Short Video (About 1 min)
Quick highlights of having our dog get OFF when asked

Gemini Oasis: Dog Training Tips| Show me Get OFF!

Long Video (Almost 19 mins)
Some basic dog training tips to teach dogs to get off of things and people.

Gemini Oasis: Dog Training - What Does OFF Mean?

Short Video (Almost 7 mins)
A day I was in a mood & discussing one way to communicate w/dogs to have them get OFF of you or something

Gemini Oasis Dog Training: Can You Back Up and Swing?

Short Video (About 4 mins)
A simple video showing how teaching your dog to SWING & BACK UP can be very helpful.

Gemini Oasis: DOGS - You have 15 seconds to Comply

Short Video (Almost 2 mins)
A conversation in my head when visiting my family & meeting their dogs.

Gemini Oasis: Dogs - Let it Snow

Short Video (About 25 secs)
Quick look @ quality time w/my song & our dog in NH

Gemini Oasis Animals| Quality Time with Birds and Dogs

Short Video (Almost 5 mins)
Spending quality time with our Aussie & Cockatiel

Gemini Oasis | Singing with my Aussie

Short Video (About 3 mins)
Spending Quality Time w/my dog doing something we both enjoy

Gemini Oasis - Living with & Training Dogs

Short Video (Almost 7 mins)
Some highlights of how cool life is when you have a good relationship with dogs

Gemini Oasis - Dog Training Tips #1 - Have a Good Relationship

Short Video (About 4 mins)
More demonstrations of how much easier & enjoyable life is when you have a good relationship

Living with Animals - Short Videos Episode 1

Short Video (Almost 3 mins)
Who's barking?

Quality Time with Dogs - Have FUN Learning How to Communicate & Train Dogs & other Animals

Long Video (About 32 mins)
Discussing and showing how you can use puzzles to better understand & build a good relationship w/dogs

How To Introduce Kids & Animals - Part 3

Short Video (Almost 3 mins)
A simple video discussing how to introduce kids to animals in a safe way (for BOTH kids & animals)

Learn How To Have a Well Behaved Pet

Short Video (About 21 secs)
Quick highlights of doing fun things w/dogs

Dog & Puppy Training - Basics Part 1

Short Video (Almost 7 mins)
Discussing the importance of knowing as much as you can about your puppy & how to use available resources to help you (like the AKC website)

How To Train Your Dog with Jumps

Short Video (Almost 9 mins)
Discussing fun ways to develop your skills to build a better relationship w/dogs - including obedience training

Homeschool - How To Dog Training with Jumps

Long Video (About 12 mins)
Teaching my son how to work with dogs & develop his skills using obedience cues & jumps

Dog Bath - Part 1

Long Video (Almost 3 mins)
OMG! This is a VERY OLD video showing how Dakota, our dog, HATES bath time.