Mary Graves

President & Owner of Gemini Oasis, Inc.
My Name is Mary Graves. I am the Owner & President of Gemini Oasis, Inc.

Two of my biggest passions in this world are working with animals and entertainment.

I am grateful that God gave me the opportunity to have over 30 years experience in both of my passions. I am grateful for his blessings, including all the lessons I have learned and continue to learn in my life.

Some of my experiences with animals includes Rescue, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Training, and Show Performance. I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned (and continue to learn) with those who love animals like I do.

No matter what animals you have, there are many challenges that come with owning, caring, and working with animals.

Having the correct knowledge, skills, and experience greatly helps us to be successful in handling these challenges.

One such challenge is finding the right people that we can trust and rely on to provide the pet related service we need to properly care for our "kids" (aka: pets), teach and help us to better understand each other, and learn the skills to have a trusting & respectful relationship with our pets.

I know, from first hand experience, how extremely stressful and frustrating finding the right people can be.

Although the internet has made it easier to find people, it has also made it complicated to figure out which people are the right ones to help us.

I created a resource page that has links of different professionals who work within the "animal industry." These are people that I have learned from, use their services, or found some of their content interesting and informative.

In the animal industry, people have their biases. In that regards, I am no different. So, some of the professionals that I list may not be ones that you like. Please know that I respect that. We all have our preferences. The main purpose of me sharing any of these links is to provide options to my fellow animal guardians. It's a big world out there. So, I will be updating my resource page as I find new people that I like or are sharing information that I find informative, helpful or interesting.

I am also looking forward to sharing, demonstrating, and discussing what I have learned and still use to care for, manage, and train our pets. This will include what I had to do to work within limitations (i.e. physical and financial). For now, I am primarily sharing this in videos on both my YouTube and Rumble pages.

I have shared some information on my Blog pages too. I look forward to sharing more Blogs, once my Lyme brain allows me.

Life with pets is better when we take the time to learn how to understand them and work together.