Mary Graves

President & Owner of Gemini Oasis, Inc.
My Name is Mary Graves. I am the Owner & President of Gemini Oasis, Inc.

Two of my biggest passions in this world is working with animals and entertainment.

I have over 30 years experience living with and working with animals including Rescue, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Training, Show Performance, and Teaching.

No matter what animals you have, there are many challenges that come with owning, caring, and working with animals.

Having knowledge, skills, and experience greatly helps to be successful in handling these challenges. That's why it is VERY important to know the right people to teach you and your pets how to better understand each other and learn the skills to have a trusting & respectful relationship.

I look forward to not only sharing what I've learned over the years, but demonstrating how fun and enjoyable life can be when we have well-mannered pets that trust and respect us.

Another important factor is having a good support team (i.e. Veterinary, Farrier, Trainer, etc.) and having easy access to as much helpful resources as possible.

So, I will be sharing other resources and links of professionals that may provide further information and services to help people be the best animal guardians they can be for their pets.

Life with pets is better when we understand & work together.