Animals – Begin With The Relationship (Part 1)

The following information is based on my experiences, training, education, feelings, opinions, etc.  I am sharing said information for those who are curious and want to learn more about how to better understand animals (especially their pets) and learn how to develop skills to have a better relationship with their pets, like I have with mine.  Although I have some college education in a variety of Psychology related topics, I am NOT a Psychologist.  I DO have over 30 years of experience working with a variety of animals.


     How many of you have read books, watched television shows, movies or even seen people with animals that seem to have a “magical” connection or a very strong bond between them?   I grew up with television shows like Lassie, The Littlest Hobo, Tarzan, Grizzly Adams, Flipper, and BJ and the Bear (to name but a few).  Let’s not forget the different movies, including The Black Stallion and Doctor DoLittle.  Watching people and animals communicating and working together fascinated me.  Thus, began my daydreaming and desires to learn if it was possible for me to understand, communicate, and have a trusting, respectful, loyal, and loving relationship with animals (just like all the characters I’ve seen or read about).  I wondered, Is it possible?  and if so, HOW do I do it?

     Finding out this answer has been a very tedious and (at times) frustrating venture.  Primarily because most of the people that I have I met were NOT willing to share HOW or WHY they did something.  Typically, the people who’ve done this either had/have a major Ego problem or are just unwilling to share their knowledge.  I am very thankful for those who do share.

     As my knowledge and skills have grown, my accomplishments and achievements with animals has not only improved but grown as well.   I’ve had to learn to keep my own ego out of it.  That can be difficult, especially when you have people constantly scrutinizing and judging you.  Life has taught me the importance of remaining focused on my goals vs worrying about what other people may think or say.  When I do this, I have found that I can not only enjoy things better but accomplish my goals easier, at a higher level, and with less time and stress.

     Over the years, my experiences have taught me that the more I learned the more I realized I know enough to know I still don’t know enough.  I’ve learned to accept that one can never learn enough.  So, keep an open mind and allow yourself to continuously learn.  It’s a big world out there and our time on this planet is limited.  If you think about all the knowledge that exists out there (both known and not yet discovered), then (if you’re smart) you will realize and accept that it is possible to consistently learn something new during our time on this planet. 

     In order to use this knowledge and develop the skills needed to build and maintain a relationship with animals the most important key factor is that you have to CARE.  Then you need to be dedicated, open-minded, flexible, patient, honest, sincere, (to name but a few things) and be able to leave your ego out of it.  

     Also, in order to have a chance at a successful and good relationship with animals, you NEED to be willing to compromise and make adjustments to accommodate what the animal(s) need and/or want with what you need and/or want.

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