Animals – Begin With The Relationship (Part 2)

Let’s continue . . . . .


     Another thing to keep in mind is the understanding that having ANY positive and healthy relationship takes time.  It may also be challenging, requiring dedication, hard work, some sacrificing, adjusting, and effort. . . .  to name a few things. 


     Some people understand or realize this is a given when it’s between people.  However, many don’t consider or understand that it’s also necessary when it comes to our pets too.  For ANY relationship to even stand a chance to have positive results, let alone last, there needs to be some type of care involved – whether it’s liking or loving that individual. 


     Look at it from a human to human relationship point of view.  If you don’t like someone then you may spend most of your energy and time on negative thoughts and feelings with the ultimate desire to either get away from them or make them go away.  Animals do the same thing.  I know people who have dogs that would run away from the at the first chance they get.  It’s not always due to the person doing something abusive to the dog.  Many times it’s just a product of that person not having as good a relationship with their dog as they could have.   There are several reasons for this.  Some of those reasons by be:


1.  They want help but don’t know where to find it

2.  They want help but are afraid to find it

3.  They want help and thought they found it

4.  The method or approach they are using isn’t working

5.  They are still in the middle of developing their relationship

6.  They are clueless about such things

7.  They think how things are is the way they will be with all dogs (animals)

8.  They don’t care


   Grant it, there are other possible answers.  The thing to keep in mind is, what do YOU want?  What are YOU willing to do to have a trusting, respectful, loyal, and FUN relationship with YOUR pets?



If you’re interested in learning HOW?



     There are MANY very talented people who have shared their knowledge that we can learn from and decide whether or not we want to incorporate them into our training program and lifestyle.  That’s the cool thing.  The “bad” thing is, with SO many options it can be overwhelming and confusing. 


    My Parents and Grandparents taught me a good “rule of thumb” with this.  Look at it like a pile of papers.  Focus on ONE thing at a time vs. bouncing around to each piece of “paper.”  To determine which paper to start with first, ask yourself, which one seems to best fit what you’re currently interested in NOW.  The good thing with having options is if you decide something isn’t right, you have the choice to go onto the next.  If you find yourself STILL uncertain. . .  Well then you find someone skilled in whatever it is you’re needing help with and ask them for input and guidance.  Remember, even with this option, you can change.  Just make sure you’re not bouncing around papers and people.  THAT will create more chaos that you don’t need.


So let’s start with some basic options.  Below are SOME of the people I’ve learned from and links to their websites and their products being sold online (including those currently available on Amazon & ebay.  I will be sharing specific products that I’ve used (or using) and HOW I’ve used them with each of our pets in future blogs and videos. 

Note: (To learn more about the particular “Group” or “Person” click on their name.  To see what products being highlighted in this blog – CLICK on the name of the product provided.)


ALSO – I will share More people and products in future posts & videos too. 



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