Let The Blogging Commence!

Hello and WELCOME!

I am excited to begin this portion of my website. It's actually something I started years ago, but was unable to continue due to life getting in the way. Initially, I started blogging on Can't tell you what I called that site as it no longer exists. I removed what I had on there (which wasn't much) because I was told that I could lose the rights to "my stuff." Although my stuff may not be worth very much to someone else, it means a lot to me. And SO... I took what I had down with plans of adding it here. Unfortunately, life STILL got in the way of me accomplishing my goals (including uploading my blogs). So it's taken me this long to begin the uploading process of said blogs. OY! BUT, being the stubborn and determined person that I am, I did what Dory says and just kept swimming.

Yes, I am referring to a fictional character from two of Disney/Pixar animated feature films called "Finding Nemo" and "Finding Dory"

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<———(This is Dory)  “Hi, Dory!”

Word of warning, I have a tendency to quote lines from movies, television shows, cartoons, music. . . . you get the idea. Why? Well, currently it's habit. It's something my family and I have done for years because there was always something in "real life" that a quote from a line from a movie, song, blah blah blah explained perfectly. Plus, it made things funnier and more enjoyable.

Another thing to know about me is that I have a tendency to "SQUIRREL!" and ramble......

Note: If you're curious what I'm referring to with "SQUIRREL!" then I highly recommend watching the Disney/Pixar movie called, "UP." Doug (on the right) and his fellow canines also have a tendency to "SQUIRREL" often too.

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If you've watched any of my videos then you already know this. I may occasionally go off my tree, but most of the time I find my way back. . . on topic that is. . . Most of the time.

Speaking of which - Let me share a little bit about my Blog Sections.
There will be two different sections of Blog Topics: One for Animal related topics and one for Chronic Illness related topics. Why these two sections of topics? Great question. The Animal section relates to my purpose for starting Gemini Oasis, Inc. in the first place. Which is to share information for fellow Animal Lovers & Pet Owners.

My 2nd section is on Chronic Illness because I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease with multiple co-infections and I want to share information to those people who are also struggling with some form of chronic illness or have animals that are struggling with a chronic illness.

So, without further ADIEU, Let me share one last thing. To follow my blogs, Go to the bottom of this page and click on the Section that you want to follow.

Please bear with me as this may take a little while for me to get it right. I'm learning all of this as I go and might make quicker progress if it weren't for the physical limitations due to my disease and just plain getting Ah yes, C.R.S. and I are becoming quite close. Sigh. I'd be upset about that, but in a few seconds, I will completely forget. So it's ALL good. YAY!

OH - one last thought. The Chronic Illness Blogs can be reached either by the link below OR on the page I've created specifically for Lyme Disease. Again, it may not be the case as of right now, but that's the plan.

Thank you for following me! Don't forget to check out my videos and follow me on the various social media platforms. I should have links to them in the upper right corner OR lower portion of my website on different pages. If you're having problems finding them or accessing them then please let me know. All I ask is that you do so in a nice manner.

Thanks again!