Lyme Disease – Yes, You’re Not Crazy (Part 2)

Let’s Continue:

     For me, some of my physical troubles began with a bug bite on my right leg over 20 years ago.   I was sitting on the floor of a home that my then boyfriend and I were renting.  It was my day off and I was playing my video games.

     Squirrel Note:  Before I continue on this topic, have something I’d like to share.  Since I’ve started this journey into the world of online, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some rather funny things with people I don’t know.   Things that make ya go, “hmmmm.”  One such thing was when I posted a comment on a video praising the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC.  It brought back some very fond memories of when I lived in Jersey.  In addition, it made me feel very thankful to be an American.  So I expressed those feelings of joy and thankfulness.  I don’t remember my exact words.  It was something like, “Brought back a lot of fond memories.  So thankful to be an American.”  I received notification that someone commented on my comment.  It wasn’t the person who posted the video.  It was some stranger.  Their comment read, “Ok Boomer.”

     I found that funny.  I’m still catching up on the lingo and whatnot of today.  My initial thoughts when I saw that comment?  Well, first I laughed because I found “OK Boomer” funny.  Had no idea what it means.  However, I’m used to some people using random nonsensical words at moment just to mess with people’s minds.  Are you lost?  No problem…  I shall go further off my tree (aka: subject) and demonstrate.


Person 1:  Wasn’t that a wonderful parade?

Person 2:  Meh, it was okay.

Person 1:  What do you mean “okay?”  It was wonderful!

Person 2:  The cats go shopping only on Tuesday.

Person 1:  What?

Person 2:  Yup, Tuesday.

Person 1:  What the hell are you talking about?

Person 2:  Cats.  Aren’t you paying attention?


ANYWHO, (Back on a tree)

     I learned that some “kids” are using that particular phrase towards people they believe are Baby Boomers.  Sadly, they don’t really know their terminology.  Baby Boomers are people born around the time as my parents.  Here’s one “reference” to show you more precise information.  According to Wikipedia, “Baby boomers (also known as boomers) are the demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. The Baby Boom generation is most often defined as those individuals born between 1946 and 1964.”


     Being an “older” person, I realize that I’ve become like my parents and grandparents in that I’m NOT completely “up with the times.”  I’m not completely out of it either.  I’m kind of like in the middle of knowing and WTH is going on?  Thankfully, I have my 10 year old son and friends that are a LOT younger than me who are willing to assist me in learning this new stuff.  Here’s on thing that I learned.  Apparently, that person (at others who’ve used that term towards me) were trying to insult me.  My reaction to that news?  Awe. (head tilt) So pretty.  (Note Sarcasm)


     Second thought?  Too funny.  Primarily because these people are glowing in their ignorance.  Awe. (Head Tilt) So Pretty.  AND – are completely clueless about it.  Hence the reason why I find it funny.  Sad, but funny.  I don’t think one should throw out random insults over such petty things.  Thankfully, my generation was raised to deal with stupid ignorant people and things.  Unfortunately, I believe we may have the highest percentage of Eye strain due to all the eye rolls we’ve given over the years.  (sigh)  Awe.  (Head Tilt)  So Pretty.


Alrighty – enough of this Squirreling.  Back on my Original tree.


     It was my day off and I was sitting on the floor playing my video game.  It was a Nintendo console that I bought in the early 1990’s.  That means the graphics were prehistoric (per today’s standards), it could only be played on the tv and could not connect to the internet because the internet didn’t exist back then.


     While sitting on the floor playing my game, I felt something bite my right leg (above my inside ankle).  It felt like a fire-ant bite.  The kind that makes ya go “AH!” as you reach down to smack or swat whatever is biting you.  When I did that, there was nothing there.  At least, nothing I could see.  I felt it, but saw nothing.  I looked around the floor (where I was sitting), expecting to see ants and still saw nothing.  So, I did what most Floridians do (or at least Floridians who play video games).  I shrugged it off and kept playing my game.

     The spot on my leg, where I felt the bite, was red with some bumps.  They looked and felt like fire-ant bites.  To those who aren’t familiar with this feeling.  It hurts (like a bee sting on a sun burn) and REALLY itches. While cussing under my breath (because I hate those nasty little fire-ants) I temporarily stopped playing my games to clean and medicate the bites on my leg with the expectations that it would minimize the stinging & itching.   After completing that task, I resumed playing my game.  Why?  Well, there isn’t much you can do about fire-ant bites other than deal until your body heals from them.



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