Saving My Girl – Part 1


Where to begin?

Let me start with this.  Life is UNFAIR and a REAL pain in the TUCHUS!

I have a lot of information I’d like to share.  In some of my blogs, don’t be surprised if some get straight to the point and some go into nauseating details.  There are several reasons why I do that.  For now, just know that I do and that my primary reason is to share with the thought that maybe… just maybe…. Someone else is out there struggling with something similar (if not exact) to what I am and they need/want input/help like I do.  If this helps someone and their pets then please let me know and share!  We pet owners & lovers need to help and support one another.

Have to ramble a bit… I planned to write about things on a daily manner.  With the idea of it helping me to keep things short and to the point better.  Yeah, Life laughed at me and turned up the amount of Caca I have to deal with.  Oy.  So be it.  To those reading – bear with me.  SOME of my blogs will take some time to complete.

On With My Story

NOTE:  Apparently, I began to write this blog on February 28th.   I am sharing it because it covers what happened…  I will share more as soon as I can.

“My Girl” – I’m referring to my Australian Shepherd, Dakota.  She’s been having some different problems over the past (I’d say) 2 years.  Initially, it started with skin problems, but lately has escalated and become more complex.  Since Christmas Eve last year (2019), she’s been getting sick (vomiting).  Her vomiting has been consistently inconsistent.  The consistent part: The vomiting is happening.  The inconsistent part is how frequently she is vomiting and the consistency/texture of what her vomit looks like.  Some days she vomits about 2 hours after eating, Other days it’s longer (4-9 hours later), sometimes it’s days before she vomits, and some days she doesn’t vomit at all.  It’s stressful and frustrating, to say the least.

On the day that she didn’t vomit, initially I thought, “Thank God THAT’S over.”  My stomach sank when she started vomiting again.  I tried to see if there was a pattern.  Still trying to figure this out.  The pattern I DID see was that she vomits on some days, then doesn’t, then vomits again, then doesn’t, then does, yadda yadda yadda.  How many days does she vomit before she stops?  Varies.  How many days before she starts to vomit again?  Also varies.

In addition to paying attention to when and how frequently she’s vomiting, I noticed her vomit looked weird.  As of right now (2/28/2020) there’s no blood or indication of blood in her vomit.  I pray THAT remains consistent.  However, the texture, color, and odor of her vomit is – Well, weird.  I know…. To many that statement is weird.

ANOTHER NOTE:  I’ve done animal rescue and rehabilitation for over 30 years, working very closely with Vets and other Animal Care Specialists.  You get used to noticing, examining, describing, and researching things (including bodily fluids or excrement).  Keep in mind, that does NOT mean I don’t use precautionary measures (like gloves and other sanitary things).  On the contrary, it means I am EXTRA aware, sensitive, and use protection.   I try to pay attention to the details (even document it) so I can have more detailed information to share with our Vet(s) in the hopes it will provide them with more information to identify and determine quicker and more accurate answers/solutions.


Anyone who has animals knows how Murphy’s Law can be a REAL pain in the tuchus.  Meaning, it seems that things have to happen when your Vet isn’t readily available AND at the most inconvenient times (Over a holiday, when your Vet’s office is closed, when you’re financially BROKE, soon after another crisis, etc.).  THAT is when Dakota’s stomach problems decided to rear its ugly head.   I know that vomiting is a BAD sign, especially when it’s reoccurring.

We have an emergency kit for ALL of our animals (Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Horses, Goats, Sheep, etc.).  However, due to things that have taken place in our life, I had to build new emergency kits because most of my kits are lost in storage from us having to move a few times before finally finding and being able to afford getting the place we now call home.

We continuously add and/or replenish the items in this kit.  Most people who are involved with animal rescue/rehabilitation will have an emergency kit because we not only KNOW how things can be, in the life with animals, but have worked very closely with professionals, including Vets, to learn what we can do to help the animals we’ve rescued, adopted, acquired, etc.    It seems that the longer you’re involved in rescue/rehabilitation of animals, the more you learn what you NEED to have in your emergency kits AND (most importantly) HOW to PROPERLY use them.

I have been involved with rescue/rehabilitation of animals for over 30 years.  One thing I’ve learned is there is still SO much to learn.  The more I learn the better I will be at my job as an Animal Guardian.

I am EXTREMELY thankful for the Vets we have.  They have helped us in our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for all of our animals.  In addition to helping us build & replenish/update our kits throughout the years.   That is something, I believe, ALL Vets SHOULD do.  Unfortunately, I know several who won’t and I don’t agree with their excuses for NOT doing so.  But THAT’S another story.

I was able to find a portion of my kit for dogs and when her problems began, I went through it to find things to TRY and help my girl to (at least) get through the holiday until our Vet was open.  Yes, there are emergency options (Vets & Hospitals) available.  Unfortunately, there are problems associated with some of those “options.”

Some of the emergency options are EXTREMELY expensive with no guarantee that what they will do will help her.  It’s very stressful when you have an emergency and are trying to save your pets or animals.  That can be compounded when your only “options” are not only expensive, but create additional stress and problems.  It puts you, the Owner or Rescuer at a disadvantage and in a very precarious position.  You WANT to do what’s best for your pets/animals. It’s extremely frustrating when the help you NEED can’t be obtained for reasons like financial limitations, lack of support, and lack of cooperation (To name but a few things).

In my opinion, many of these places are over-priced for the services they offer.  There have been MANY situations where we NEEDED to use these emergency options because of the timing of the emergency.  Meaning, our regular Vet wasn’t open/available or it was a life or death situation.  Many of the services we received (from several of these places) that were available with our regular Vets (when they were available – meaning they were not out of town/state) were more affordable through our regular Vet vs. thru them.  In those situations, you feel like you were taken advantage of because they KNOW that IF you are coming to them it’s mostly due to you not being able to reach or have your own Vet (or other Specialists) help you.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am VERY grateful for those places (at least the good quality ones) even existing.  However, like I stated earlier, when you are dealing with factors (such as financial limitations & concern IF they will even be able to help) it can be EXTREMELY stressful to deal with especially when you’re already really stressed about whatever is going on with your pet(s).  If you are someone that can relate to this then know that you are NOT alone.

OK – It’s time for me to head to my own Doctor appointment.  Typical life – seems like I don’t have the option to deal with one thing at a time.  In addition to doing what I can to save my girl, my family is doing what they can to save me.  I have Chronic Lyme Disease and multiple nasty co-infections.  I’ve been living with this condition for over 20 years.  It took me about 20 years to finally find ONE Doctor to believe me and test me, let alone begin proper treatment.  You can learn more about my story with THAT journey in my Lyme Disease related blogs.

Stay tuned… I will continue my story about what’s going on with Dakota soon.

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